Brazilian Stallions


Tabatinga Suez

Fazenda Tabatinga Brazil

Acai Tabatinga

Fazenda Santarem Brazil

Dominio da Joatinga (Elite Stallion)

Haras Libertas Brazil

Tabatinga Etereo

Fazenda Tabatinga Brazil

Icaro de Itajoana (Elite Stallion) Fazenda Santarem Brazil


Tabatinga Sagitario

Fazenda Tabatinga Brazil

Tabatinga Liberal

Fazenda Los Horas Brazil

Jaguar Quitumba

Fazenda Sao Jose do Bomirar


Fazenda Santarem Brazil


When we first visited the Stud farms of Brazil in 2000, it was like seeing the Mangalarga

Marchador version of Calumet, Claiborne or Coolmore Thoroughbred farms.

The stallions had a presence. They were spectacular, extraordinary, exciting.

As we progressed from one outstanding horse to another, we kept saying to one another, “I am going to put this one in my purse and take him home.”

But it was only in our imaginations, we could do this. The foundation sires we were viewing

weren't for sale and if they were it would have been in the six figures.

But time has passed and now Montana Marchadors and Summerwind Marchadors are now actually looking at "taking these stallions home,” almost in our purse, by purchasing frozen semen from some of the top stud farms in Brazil.

We hope in the near future to be able to give our clients the opportunity to select their Brazilian stallion of choice via frozen semen and to inseminate the Marchador mare of choice to breed their ‘designer foal.’

We believe that if the Marchador breed is to expand in the U.S., we must go beyond our initial

gene pool and what better way to look to the future of the breed than with these magnificent

foundation Brazilian stallions.

In this section, we welcome you to a photographic glimpse of some of the Stallions that set this standard of excellence. We welcome you to a photographic tour of Brazlian Stallions In Our Line and Brazilian Stallions Of Our Future.


Favacho Estanho

Tabatinga Monitor

standing at

Montana Marchadors

Favacho Uranio

Fazenda Los Horas Brazil